Logo a-go-go

Do you have a new company or product, or is your current brand looking a little less than stellar? We have clients that come to us for a variety of design needs and often it is to develop or “fix” their brand image. Too often, a brand is…
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Chartwell Agency Completes Brand Update and New Website for Gilvydis Vein Clinic

Chartwell Agency recently completed a brand update and new website for Gilvydis Vein Clinic based in Geneva and Sycamore, IL. Gilvydis Vein Clinic provides innovative, nonsurgical treatments for patients suffering from painful and unsightly…
marketing lessons

Nike ad generates emotion and marketing lessons

Marketing has dominated headlines during the past week thanks to one ad by one major company: Nike. The company so easily recognized for its swoosh logo, “Just Do It” tagline, shoes and apparel dropped a bombshell of a commercial last…
Storytelling in Marketing

Using Storytelling in your Marketing Efforts

Organizations that are winning the hearts and minds of their audience are the ones sharing compelling and useful stories in their advertising and marketing efforts. Storytelling in marketing is not a new concept, but it has become increasingly…

The Importance of Print

In this day and age of increased consumption of information through digital media, the importance and relevance of print media always seems to be in question. As a multi-channel marketing firm, Chartwell is always looking at our client’s communications…

Chartwell Agency Hired by RAMP to Develop Brand, Strategy and Website for OnRAMP Curriculum & Training

Rockford, Ill. (August 6, 2018) — Chartwell Agency was hired by RAMP to assist with branding and strategy for its OnRAMP Curriculum & Training products, including comprehensive disability curriculum for Kindergarten through 12th Grade.…
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Healthcare and Color

Here at Chartwell Agency we have a strong focus on the Health Care industry. One area where we have a long relationship and seasoned expertise in is the independent and assisted living segment. As a designer, this segment presents a unique set…

Integrating Your Marketing and Fundraising Team’s Efforts

Chartwell Agency was recently invited to present two sessions at a conference for non-profit  fundraising professionals coordinated by the Northern Illinois Center of Non-Profit Excellence (NICNE). Our session, titles “Integrating the Efforts…

Every Great Strategy Starts with a Destination in Mind

In my previous blog post I “teased” the idea of changes coming from Chartwell Agency, and today, we officially launched those changes with new branding – including a new website and collateral – and an enhanced focus on our key service…
Content is King

Content Marketing: Quality Content is King

Content marketing has become an incredibly popular and effective marketing tactic for individuals and businesses alike, across all industries. Why? Because consumers are hungry for information, and they’re turning to search engines and social…