Super Bowl Commercials Drive More Emotions than the Game Itself

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It’s time for one of the most anticipated days in the marketing industry: the always nerve-racking, sometimes impressive (and other times disappointing) Super Bowl commercials.

From the funny to the bizarre and the heart-warming to the inspiring, those few hours during the pigskin sport are usually more the discussion the day after the Super Bowl than the game itself. Sure, while there is some interest in the outcome of the game (this year I’m less interested in the outcome as I’m not cheering for nor against a specific team), the true test can often times be off the field in the advertising industry.

According to a report by Sports Illustrated magazine, NBC will receive approximately $5 million for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl in 2018. And the mega price tag doesn’t seem to be scaring any key brands away. According to that same report, as of January 14 there were fewer than 10 commercial slots left for the big game.

This year we’ll see Morgan Freeman and “Game of Thrones” actor Peter Dinklage get their groove on in back-to-back lip-syncing commercials between two PepsiCo brands while actress Melissa McCarthy revives her role in the Kia commercials. Skittles reveals a curiously boring new ad (at least we’re not watching a girl pick a piece of candy off a boys’ face) while Coke and Pepsi battle it out in what I can only explain as bizarre in a time when the bullying issue from national leadership is off the charts.

By far, the favorite ad I’ve seen so far that will make its debut on Sunday is the Budweiser commercial showing how the organization shut down beer production to instead produce and ship cans of water for those affected by natural disaster in our country. It’s a step away from the keenly anticipated puppy and Clydesdale commercials of the past (and who knows, maybe Budweiser hasn’t leaked those yet!) but still heartwarming, providing an authentic, personalized view of this corporation.

I won’t include a countdown here to the ‘best’ commercials because that really is in the eye of the viewer. Everyone has their favorites for a variety of reasons. The best commercial is the one that connects with you – whether it makes you laugh, roll your eyes or shiver with goosebumps.

Not many companies have the opportunity or budget to develop and air a national commercial during the Super Bowl but suffice it to say that each organization that does, has a specific goal in mind – a reaction from us, the audience. After all, even if – or maybe because – the commercial is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen, you’ll certainly be talking about it the next day.

Chartwell has had the pleasure of working with numerous local, regional and national brands during the course of our past 15 years and if you’d like to know more about our approach to garner a reaction for your advertising, contact us and we can begin the discussion.

-Rebecca Epperson, President

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