Don’t forget to tell your story

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The most effective stories connect with us in a memorable way. 

Think about your favorite book, one you’ve read more than once or continue to reference in casual conversation. What about that story made you want to tell a friend? 

Look at your recent social media posts. What made you share the latest article on your Facebook page? 

Some feature of the storytelling connected with you – the fictional or real-life characters, the message, the call to action. Maybe the story was about someone you know, or it made you laugh, cry or even get angry. 

The value of good storytelling can get overlooked in our fast-paced world, even though we’re consuming more content than ever (and often on the go) thanks to mobile technology. Your customers – be they clients or patients or consumers – crave good stories, and those stories can serve as important advertising for your products and services. 

Devoting time to storytelling is the first step. I tend to think face-to-face interviews and phone conversations are the best ways to acquire your details and background information, but those can be time-consuming additions to our already busy schedules. Even a well-worded email with some specific questions can get the answers you need to put together a quick client story or an article on someone within your company. 

Once the stories are written, blast them out through as many channels as possible. Post them to your website, make sure they’re visible in a news feed on the home page, and repurpose them on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Pay to boost those posts on social media so they get more reach, and target the reach so more of your potential audience is seeing the content. You can also repost stories on social media at pertinent times throughout the year – consider it during certain awareness months or when a patient or customer is recognized outside of your industry. 

Check out these additional tips to help get your stories started: 

Be clear on your message. Messaging is central to the services we provide here at Chartwell Agency. One of the first agenda items when we meet with new clients is a discussion about messaging. We also review messaging periodically with existing clients to make sure it’s still reflective of the organization’s mission and goals. 

Talk about yourself. There are many ways you can tell your own story, from writing a press release about a recent achievement or event, to profiling new hires. Writing about your team promotes thought leadership within your industry, highlights your corporate culture and can help attract new hires, too. 

Ask others to talk about you. For health care providers, feature patient stories focused on good outcomes and unique diagnoses. For businesses, promote client testimonials about your services through your website and social media. 

Chartwell can help tell your story. And, if you’re interested in helping tell other people’s stories, we’re hiring! Check out the Communications Strategist job description here.


– Melissa Westphal, Communications Strategist

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