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As an integrated communications firm, we are often asked what impacts a brand more: marketing or public relations? The answer is both. Marketing helps build your brand, and public relations helps build your reputation. Marketing is a paid opportunity where you, as a business, make statements about yourself and ultimately control the message, tone, delivery and what you want your audience to see and hear.

Oprah’s Cecil B. DeMille Award Acceptance Speech

For many reasons, the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards was among the most memorable and influential to date. During Sunday evening’s Golden Globes, Oprah Winfrey dominated the stage as she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award, essentially writing the book on public speaking. A communicator’s dream.

Every organization deals with it – change. And whether it’s a huge announcement such as a merger or acquisition or a smaller change such as a new position at a company, communicating the change appropriately is a very important component of the process.

At Chartwell Agency, we handle a variety of crisis communications – from workplace accidents to employee misconduct, natural disasters to controversial decisions. While we prefer working with organizations or businesses to prepare critical communications in advance, we’re often called in when the situational “fire” is already at three-alarm status. In those moments, our most critical priority is to prepare the first official statement.

As the New Year approaches, many people are making their resolutions of what they will do more of, less of or improve upon. New goals range from financial to physical fitness and from minimizing technology time to maximizing quality family/friend time. No matter what the goals, they always come down to enhancing one’s overall life in one manner or another.


One of our clients recently shared an amazing story of a patient who underwent successful medical treatment for issues she’d been dealing with most of her adult life.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with this woman learning about her story and how her issues weren’t easy to talk about in casual conversation.

The season of giving is upon us, which means now is a great time for businesses to create a positive impact on the communities they serve. Incorporating a giving back component into an organization’s marketing plan (and budget) will demonstrate to customers, business prospects and employees that it is socially responsible.


As the holidays roll around, many businesses want to drive sales by offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and incentives. Although nothing motivates shoppers more than a good deal, if you want to win over new and existing customers, you’ll need to get creative with your digital marketing. 


Zombies, ghosts, horror movies and really tacky Halloween costumes . . .  all can be pretty scary, but you know what is REALLY spooky? A communications plan that is not integrated. Eeeek, now THAT is scary.

If you are a person who ever as to interact with other people (so, pretty much everyone), your EQ matters. What’s EQ, you ask? EQ is your emotional intelligence – your ability to identify and respond to your own emotions and reactions as well the emotions of other.

Many believe that a strong EQ is more important than your IQ, as it is critical to forming relationships. EQ matters very much to success in life, as well as business.


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