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At Chartwell Agency, we are well-versed in the rapidly changing trends in communication. As a result, the integrated communications plans and strategies we develop for clients are very much considered “living” documents, and often change to reflect current and emerging trends.  In Chartwell’s world, the only thing that remains constant is change. With constant changes to the way we send and receive communication, our team is always learning and adapting.

Eleven years ago, I participated in the American Bankers Association conference in Denver.  It was my first time at a trade show as a vendor, lobbying for visibility and the opportunity to professionally represent my company.  It was a five-day whirlwind of lunching, learning and the most powerful networking I had ever experienced up until that time.

I think one of the greatest lessons I have learned as a creative is that what I do for a living is more than making things look good. It goes way beyond the subjective realm of aesthetics. It’s all very well to make something visually attractive but if it’s all glitz and no substance, you have only done half the job. I may have got your attention with something shiny, but did I end up actually saying anything and creating a reaction?


Branding is the art of shaping a perception – helping others think, know and feel something. We’re used to associating brands with companies, but the importance of personal branding is a relatively new concept. While big names like Oprah and Bill Gates understand the power and influence their personal brand has on the successes of their business and philanthropic endeavors, the importance of personal branding applies to the rest of us as well.

We take great pride and strides in ensuring we are listening to our clients (and potential clients) to understand their business challenges and developing strategic plans and implementing marketing tactics to address and exceed expectations to impact their revenue, brand, and organizational outcomes.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending my very first American Advertising Federation Northern Illinois ADDY Awards ceremony, which honors the excellent advertising work produced by some of our most creative local organizations in northern Illinois.

Whether it’s developing an integrated marketing campaign or pitching a story to the media, we work with our clients every day to help build brand awareness and drive sales by successfully reaching external audiences.

While it is without a doubt one of today’s most powerful marketing tools, social media can also be among the most taxing. Businesses and organizations of all sizes are constantly working to maximize the benefit of their social media accounts to enhance engagement with followers.

When your organization is launching a new product, event or initiative, a news conference may be the best way to share that news.

A news conference, sometimes referred to as a press conference, is an event in which newsmakers invite the media to hear them speak on a specific topic or announcement and then allows time for the journalists to ask questions.

What do you do if you feel you have tried everything to connect to your customer and they still aren’t interested? How do you make them like you? It’s them, right, not you?


Maybe . . .


People relate to people not brands per se. They connect to the emotional and aspirational side of a brand or product. The personality – that’s what creates the connection.


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